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Comprehensive research from relaible sources


The Apartment Directory is a book that contains the name, address, and PHONE NUMBERS, of apartment owners throughout the Southland. The ownership records contained in our directories are matched with a description of the property owned, i.e., the number of units, year of construction, and number of floors, for a complete ownership profile.

Who needs The Apartment Directory?
If your business involves buying or selling real estate, managing investments, or providing a product or service to owners or purchasers, YOU need The Apartment Directory. Each directory is thoroughly researched and prepared with painstaking care to provide you the accurate, up-to-date information you need to operate efficiently.

Listings by Location
In this section, you will find alphabetical street listings, with building addresses in numerical order. By reading across each line, you will find the following: (click here to see a sample)

– Building date
– Type of construction
– Number of stories
– Number of units
– Date purchased by current owner
– Book, page, and parcel number in County Records
– Assessed value
– Name and address of current owner
– Telephone number of current owner (when available)

Listing by Current Owner
In this section you will find present owners listed alphabetically. These apartment owners represent potential investors and purchasers, as well as potential sellers, of apartment properties. By cross checking against the street name and number in the first section, you may find particulars on any property now held by one of these owners. Information in the second section includes: (click here to see a sample)

– Owners of apartment complexes
– Owners' addresses
– Apartment now held, their locations, and the number of units in each.

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