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Comprehensive research from relaible sources
The following is the price list for labels, lists or mailing list disks. Generally labels, lists, and disks take 3 days to process. Lists are sent out UPS, which usually takes one day to deliver.
  1. Pressure Sensitive labels using same criteria as above, are $75.00/m.
  2. Add $20.00 per thousand for special selections, i.e. by units, date of purchase, or location.
  3. Sorts requiring APN map plotting, or several selections will have to be quoted separately.
  4. Disks with mailing information only, are $98.00/m, add $20.00/m for special selections (see separate price list for complete directories on disk).
  5. Minimum order for labels is $150.00, disks $195.00.
  6. Duplicate sets of labels ordered at the same time are $45.00/m.
  7. Quantity discounts are available for orders of 5000 or more labels, call for quote.
  8. Computer generated readouts or lists that have the name, address and phone number of the property owner, together with the building information are $245.00/m records with a minimum order of $495.00, per directory area.
  9. Shipping and handling charges will be added to all orders, minimum cost $15.00.
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