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The Apartment Directory's Commercial Property information is available on disk to import directly into your database. The data we license is formatted as comma separated values, suitable for importing into spreadsheets such as Lotus, Microsoft Excel, or for using as merge data for Word Perfect or Microsoft Word.

This sheet outlines the data fields available on disk and our pricing structure.

1. AVAILABLE DATA: All, or any part of the data listed below is available:

  • Owner’s name & address
  • Owner’s telephone number
  • Building APN number
  • Building address and zip code
  • Size of building in square feet
  • Construction year of building
  • Purchase or recording date

2. COST: The cost for subscribing to the Apartment Directory on disk is as follows: (The term 'subscriber' refers to a company or individual who maintains a current subscription to the printed version of a particular directory.)

  • $245 per thousand records, $295 per thousand for special selections, i.e. by units, location of building, zip code. The minimum order is $695, per directory area.
  • The single user rate for an entire directory on disk is $1,695.
  • The rate for firms with 2 to 5 agents or users is $2,195.
  • Renewal, or updated disks are available to disk subscribers as they are published for $995.
  • Sample data is available by email so that you may verify that our data is compatible with your systems. Please be aware that no support or software is provided.
  • Usage of Apartment Directory data on disk is for one year from the date of receipt, and must be renewed or returned at the end of term.
  • Prices are subject to change with or without notice.
  • Please call for pricing if your organization has more than 5 agents or users: (800) 766-5316.
  • Special pricing is available to current subscribers of the printed version directory.
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